For Freelance Riders

Delivery Cost and Rate:

• The order that starts from 0-3km will be given Rs. 60 per delivery.

• Orders required to deliver from 3 to 5 km will be given Rs.20 per Km.

• If you have to deliver the food for more than 5 Km than the rider will be given Rs 15 per km.

Working time for freelance:

• If you are a freelancer, you can work anytime from 8am to 10 pm. You will be paid according to your order.

Commission Rate

• Riders will be charged 20% commission of their total income per day.

• Example: If you earn Rs. 200 per day you should give 20% of 200, i.e. 40Rs to Justnep.

You don't have to pay any commission if you deliver 15 or more than 15 orders.

Provision to reduce Commission Rate

• 2% commission is reduced with one 0-3 km per successful delivery. The commission is reduced from 20%. This reduction is temporary and it resets after 4 AM daily.

Current Security policies:

• There is no security provided for the freelance riders at this moment.

Security Policies after 6 months of working with Justnep

• Monthly bike service charge will be provided to both full time and freelance riders. However, the consistency of the freelance riders will be checked before providing any stipend.

• Similarly, all the riders will have accident insurance during order. This applies only if the accident occurs while delivering the order.

• Office Sim Card and monthly phone payment is covered by Justnep to all the riders.

• All the riders will get 20% off in all Justnep restaurants via online order.

Security Deposit and Refund Policies

• Riders should give Rs.5000 for high quality, waterproof, insulated and heavy duty delivery bag as security deposit

• 1 year free bag maintenance

• Rs.3500-4500 will be refunded to rider on the end of their contract.

• In case of any damage to the bag Rs.500-1500 will be ceased.

• Raincoat and waterproof gloves will be provided for free by Justnep to all the riders.

• Extra accessories like delivery cap, phone holder for bikes and many more will be provided for free after 6 months of work duration.

Due to pandemic most of the freelance transport is on halt. Moreover, people prefer not to come in contact with one another due to the widespread of the corona. However, carrying food is always safer and easier. Most of the freelance rider is now taking part in an online food delivery campaign and assisting different online food ordering companies to deliver food online.

It is very easy and flexible for people to engage in food delivery and very profitable too.

• They can work at any time preferred from 8 am to 10 pm

• They are tipped by their customer for their hard work and services.

• Office employees and self-employees can also use Freelance Food Delivery to raise side-fund.

• Some University and college students also use this service to earn pocket money.

Provision of 5% Incentive on every delivery.

For Full Time Riders

Basic Salary: 15000

Working time for Full Timers: 10 AM -6 PM

Security Deposit and Refund Policies: none

Commission Rate: none

Current Security policies:

Monthly bike service charge

Petrol Wedge according to Km for work.

Breakfast cost 100 is covered if riders are on outdoor duty.

Office Sim Card and monthly phone payment is covered by Justnep

Security Policies after 3 months

Accident insurance during office hours

All Necessary accessories will be provided by justnep includes:

Delivery Bag




Note: To sign-up as full-time riders, please visit our office at JustNep, Muni Bhairab Marga,Tinkune, Kathmandu 44600