The document contains the terms and conditions of JustNep in terms of Electronics Transaction Act-2063.

Terms of Use

The terms of use given below will rule your use of website and our “JustNep” application for cell phones and other gadgets that support the application. We insist you peruse the Terms and Conditions carefully before using the services. You are not allowed or permitted to use the application or website if you do not nod to the terms and conditions of JustNep. Once you install the application or use the website, or download or even use it for only one time, it connotes that you agree to the Terms and Condition of the website and mobile application. However, if you do not agree to the Terms and uses, we request you to uninstall the application.


We, JustNep shall not be accountable for the following:

• The goods and services provided by the restaurants, hotels, and cafes or popularly known as Merchant, including the food orders made by the client.

• The goods and services provided by hotels and cafes or popularly known as Merchant not meeting the expectancy or to any kind of medical loss, harm, or injury or damage caused by food to you. The restaurants or merchants will take all the responsibility.

• The accessibility or inaccessibility of certain foods, drinks or items on the list of options;

• Justnep will not be held responsible if the merchant serves the incorrect orders or untimely orders caused by a default by the restaurant.

• The restaurants or café or popularly known as merchants establish the information about the menu, price, and location available through the application or the website, the JustNep application, and the webpage shall not be responsible for any alteration, unattainability or termination for the reason whatsoever.

• JustNep does not take any responsibility for the break of a contract between clients and merchants on the platform.

• JustNep is a virtual market and accepts the role of the originator, and in any case, does not at any time throughout any business deal between purchaser and seller or merchant on the virtual platform that comes into or takes the possession of any of the products offered by the seller or merchant.

• JustNep is a platform for providing communication between purchasers and suppliers or merchants. However, if any complaints come from the client on the quality of food and efficacy of delivery JustNep shall provide information to the merchant and readdress the purchaser to the customer call center of the merchant.

• JustNep does not have its restaurants, nor it sells the food, also it does not govern the dealers or the related service provided in connection. All the foods that are ordered by the client will be treated as confirmed and shall be delivered to the designated location.

• Food pricing set on JustNep platform and the menu pricing on Merchant’s physical restaurants and outlets should be similar.

• Merchants should pre-inform us regarding any changes supposed to be made in menu pricing on our platform.

• Merchants should get approval from us before making any changes regarding the information on our platform


• Customers can file a reimbursement simply if they have pre-paid for the order at the time of placing the order. Similarly, you are liable to subject the refund: If your order packing has been ruined or wrecked at the time of transport.

• You can cancel the order if there is the unavailability of the substances ordered for at the time of the reservation.

• The decision on refunds will be the decision of ours and will be ultimate and compulsory no matter whatsoever reason.

• The circumstances of the reimbursement at the time of transport, you will not be mandatory to pay for:

o If the packing has been, meddle or broken by rider or us.

o erroneous demand being distributed; or Pieces misplaced from your demand at the period of distribution


In any case, we shall not directly validate any kind of merchants. We will not take any kind of responsibility for damage resulted due to the interaction with other members.

We will not be responsible for the legal remedy in the case when you pursue to get for action or omission of any merchants or other third parties. However, you will be restricted to claim in contrast to the certain merchant, member, client or any other third parties who have directly caused you to harm and you fully approve not to try to impose a charge or seek any lawful clarification from JustNep in case of such events or omissions.

We value your satisfaction and whenever you feel our service are not per your requirement, you can cancel without any complication or additional fee.